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Black Grunge

Welcome to the tribe of successful misfits!

I am so glad you got in the game! If you are ready to blind the limitations of your past with the light of your truth, I am here to cheer you on as you cross the line to freedom and move forward in your power.

This work is a bound to be gamechanger and I am excited for your process! 


Intuition is your divine birthright. As you move through life you will inevitably be faced with situations and obstacles that may shift your attention from your passion and purpose to survival strategies that keep you locked in a perpetual cycle of struggle and self-sabotage.


If this pattern sounds familiar, you have most likely found that thinking your way out of trauma or self-defeating thoughts and/or beliefs simply does not work as your subconscious mind will double down on its efforts to stop you from moving forward. Its primary objective is to keep you safe - even at the expense of your very own happiness and success.


Luckily, you are already hardwired with everything you need to accomplish your goals and succeed in life. Your intuition is naturally designed to inspire you towards your deepest passions and greater purpose and propel you towards success. It is constantly guiding you to follow your goals and is vying for your attention. When you learn to access and trust that part of yourself that has absolute clarity, life becomes exponentially easier. You are no longer at the mercy of outside influence with the next promise for health, wealth and success. 

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In-Person Sessions

Phone / Zoom sessions

Group Sessions 

Sussie Goldman

MSW, CHT, EFT-ADV, Intuitive Coach

Private Coaching

Unlike what you may have been told, there isn't a "right" way to do things. Building trust in your own abilities and journey will allow you to step forward with the confidence you need to crush your goals. You have what it takes, are you ready to break free?? Let's connect!

Group Sessions

Amplify your success through the power of numbers! Working in a group format allows you to build on the experience of others and feel deeply supported through your healing process. Experience massive shifts in your personal and professional life through simple experiential exercises that allow you to break free from anxiety, stress and personal limitations, to accomplish your goals. 

The ADHD Superpower

Are you deeply passionate and know you were meant for more? Do you feel like you deserve a Ph.D in creative imagination, yet struggle to implement your ideas? Do you feel chronically overwhelmed despite your hard work and obvious brilliance? Executive functioning challenges can sabotage even your best efforts and greatest ambition. While the struggle is real, your mind isn't broken. It simply operates by its own creative rules. Learn practical skills to navigate your unique design while amplifying your productivity and success. You've got this!

Intuitive Training 

Supercharge your inner genius by harnessing your  intuition and learning to live your life on purpose! Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you are always being guided towards your ultimate desires and true purpose.  


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